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Last week we have been in another meeting of the members of EREN. This time the meeting was held in Kitzbühel, in a fantastic resort in the Austrian Alps, and Karin & Gornik Immobiliere hosted the edition of this year. These meetings, -we do twice per year-, are short but intense. The main objectives are very clear: […]

Last Friday we gave a presentation during the InmoInter Day, organized by FIABCI SPAIN in Barcelona. The day was completely dedicated to the experience of different companies with the Chinese market. Guifré Homedes Amat, representing Amat Immobiliaris as Office Manager, explained how the company decided to bet on this market and how the last 3 […]

This year the city Lisbon has hosted the second annual meeting organized by members of EREN, Quintela & Penalva. The event was a workshop where it was made an exhibition of Portuguese real estate market from the point of view of offer and demand, as well as legal issues (Golden Visa and Special Valuation), mainly […]