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EREN meeting in Kitzbühel

Last week we have been in another meeting of the members of EREN. This time the meeting was held in Kitzbühel, in a fantastic resort in the Austrian Alps, and Karin & Gornik Immobiliere hosted the edition of this year.

These meetings, -we do twice per year-, are short but intense. The main objectives are very clear: they call it to strengthen the power of the network and reinforce the brand concept. Through common actions and a common speech the power of the EREN message is greatly amplified.

We take the opportunity to close the last issues of the magazine Villae. This year we present the 12th edition and it is the most visible representation of EREN, a part from the website.

EREN members represent the strongest and independent real estate companies of each European city and area. We always say the same, but the key of this relationship is to offer a very wide services to our customers, for investing in Barcelona, or ​​to offer properties in the most exclusive places of Europe.

Guifré Homedes

International Manager