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Selling in spring, the perfect time!

In many occasions, because of the circumstances or needs of the sale of our property, we can not choose when to put it on sale but now, that spring begins, is the best time. Weather improves and the mood and attitude of people, too! In addition, we can take advantage of the colors and light that gives us this time and apply them to our home to make it more attractive to potential buyers. It is important to reflect the spring at home with small details like changing cushions and bedspreads.

Important tip:

First of all is knowing the needs of our house. It is necessary to observe and look at the corners that we can take advantage of, where the light comes, which are the coldest and darkest … We must flee from everything that reminds us of winter and change everything by vivid colors that cheer us up!

Depersonalization and color

For everyone our house is the most beautiful, the best decorated and most welcoming house ever. But it does not mean that potential buyers think the same. And that is why it is important to neutralize and depersonalize as much as possible our home.

 We should hide those photographs of the summers on the mountain, the grandmother and the honeymoon, as well as our memories from Paris and Egypt, the children’s drawings at the fridge and the rock-star posters of the teenage daughter’s room, too. It is important to let the imagination of potential buyers free so they can visualize where to put their own memories.

 Apart from this important point, you should take advantage of spring fashion. We will remove the dark carpets and replace them with other brightly colored, and the same for the quilts and cushions. We can put flowers in corners, shelves and tables, as well as light points of light. Everything possible to make cozy and cheerful our house.



Exteriors are very important. Now with the good weather is the time to take advantage and create living spaces on balconies and terraces, tidying up the garden or putting new plants. You can also place some furniture, such as tables and chairs, that invite you to enjoy the outdoors.



Although these tips are helpful and can help us quickly sell a property, we may find it difficult to make a radical change or make investments to neutralize our home. That is why there are Homestaging services that take care of the whole process, from small details such as textiles or decoration with small objects such as furniture both exterior and interior. This new tool that is becoming popular in our country.