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EREN Members Meeting in Lisbon

This year the city Lisbon has hosted the second annual meeting organized by members of EREN, Quintela & Penalva. The event was a workshop where it was made an exhibition of Portuguese real estate market from the point of view of offer and demand, as well as legal issues (Golden Visa and Special Valuation), mainly from Lisbon and other places in the country.

Throughout the day there was also given a lecture on the technological aspects, from a summary of the Web Summit 2016, which took place days before in the Portuguese capital, and is the most important event in the world regarded to the 2.0 web.

Taking as reference the Web Summit, they highlight those aspects that serve to improve EREN’s web and its members’ websites.

Later on, there was a discussion about brand values and how enhance it. We talked about the market and its evolution, with the experience of the members, which presented the situation of their markets and their future development. Finally, each member presented the business opportunities and more interesting products in order to create synergies.

 The meeting also served to welcome a new member: Maxwell Bynes, who represents the best properties and the best vineyards in the Bordeaux area and its surroundings.

 These meetings are short but intense, and serve to establish very close relations between members.