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Luxury properties, the most demanded by foreigners in Spain

The main buyers of luxury homes in Spain are the Scandinavians, Luxembourger, Dutch, Belgian and British and the strongest demand is on the Costa del Sol.

 Despite the crisis suffered until 2015, it was then when the recovery in sales of luxury properties started.

 According to a report in Idealista, other buyers like the French, Russians and Italians also demand luxury residences in our country, but not only upscale residences.

 According to the latest data from the “Col·legi de Registradors” – Real Estate Registers College-, the British are buying more homes in our country, concentrating 17.7% of purchases made by foreigners in the third quarter of the year, yet there has been a consecutive decline in its market presence.

 The French, rose to second place, with 8.9%; Germans with 7.3%; Swedes, with 7.1%; Belgium, with 6.2%; and Italy with 5.4%. In total, concentrated half of all home purchases made by foreigners in our country.

 The weight of foreigners in buying a home in Spain stabilized in the third quarter, representing 13.3% of total purchases registered, which represents about 13,700 purchases quarterly. These figures are close to a record high.

 According to the Ministry of Development, buyers are focused in places such as Alicante, Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Balearics, Canary Islands and Madrid.

 Figures by EFE Agency