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Guifré Homedes participates in the Roundtable Urban Resort: Barcelona

On Tuesday Guifré Homedes, Director of the Barcelona office, participated in the conference Urban Resort Barcelona, ​​organized by the Second-Home & Resort Industry Observatory at IESE Business School.

It was a meeting to talk about Barcelona as an Urban Resport, where foreign buyers invest. The session was a resounding success filling the room. There were two differentiated conferences, one focused on demand and the other on supply.

Guifré Homedes, as representative of Amat, participated in the table of analysis of the foreign demand in the City of Barcelona. After a brief introduction with the latest data of foreign buyers, four leading companies in the field, including us, commented on their experience: what type of product they are looking for, what kind they are missing, how much prices have evolved, how to improve the city and how we see its future, or how facts affect as Brexit does.

The second session was focused on supply and several promoters contributed their vision of what type of product fits most with foreign buyers, how they see the evolution of prices of buildings to be rehabilitated and the lack of building land remaining in the city, as well as how a foreign customer should be treated and how to make a brand to build trust in these customers.