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Virtual reality changes the real estate market

Nowadays, technology is an important part of our daily life. Digital world has contributed to every activity we perform and it is present in our way of buying and selling as well. One of the main reasons for using technology is to save time and transform our buying experience completely. If so, why don’t we use it as a tool in the real estate market?

In our company we want to give the most to our clients and we ask to ourselves: Is it necessary for them to spend their time visiting different properties? What if they could do it in their own places feeling as if they were there? At that point is where virtual reality appears and helps a lot in the case of buildings under construction, for example.

Lately, we are testing many tools in order to improve the costumer experience and virtual reality option is the most important. Even if we are not ready to use it yet those are the main reasons for do so.

1. Easy visit

At the moment, photographs are the only testimony of the property unless the costumer wants to go to visit it. Videos and photos are not good enough to select or reject a particular home but with virtual reality you get transported to the property itself using the immersive power of virtual reality. Virtual reality will help you walk through the living room into the kitchen and will allow you to look beyond windows or the balconies.

2. International purchase

For our international costumers it is impossible to visit properties whereas with virtual realty you can sit back in any part of the globe, experience every corner of prospective homes and comfortably decide if you want to invest.

3. Experience the future

You can visit an apartment which don’t exist. It helps us create virtual homes planned to be built in near future. Now we don’t need to build sample apartments to experience how your apartment will look after construction.

4. Interior design before or after you buy

Once you buy there is the most creative part of the process: the decoration. In virtual reality you can drag and drop furniture to furnish interiors of your future homes only by touching a button. The power of virtual reality enables you to add or delete any number furniture any number of times from virtual spaces. As easy as it seems! That is a good tool in order to avoid spending money in wrong furniture.

5. Save time and money

As we already said, the most utility of virtual realty is to help us save time and money!