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GreenDEX wins an international award in the USA

On September 27th Amat Immobiliaris received an award as recognition of the implementation of GreenDEX. Luxury Real Estate gave us the Most Innovative Marketing Technique award for the index that measures the amount of green that is around the properties.

The awards ceremony was in the 24th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference in Washington D.C. There brokers and real estate entrepreneurs form more than 70 countries meet each other to share knowledge and real estate industry novelty. This award is not the first one that we receive from Luxury Real State, we already had two more. The first one we won was in 2015 and was the Best Website Design, and the second one, in 2017, as the Global Affiliate of the Year.

We created the GreenDEX a year ago and now it’s the moment when from Washington D.C. we received this award because of our job. Until now this index only reported the amount of green around of our properties of Barcelona, ​​but now it is time to extend it to Sant Just and Esplugues.

The annual Luxury Real Estate conference

We have been part of Luxury Real Estate for 7 years; formed by brokers and agents of the best luxury properties around the world. At the conferences organized every year, they generate knowledge and opportunities, and in the informal talks we deal with issues of the market and the economy of each areas to build synergies and relationships. This synergy let us to receive clients from all over the world and to advise them on investments, either in Barcelona or elsewhere in the world.

At the 24th Fall Conference, we had the opportunity to know how other professionals in the sector work. A Washington company showed us some of its luxury properties to let us know how they are and how they work to take some ideas and improve as a company. In addition, the two main conferences focused on get over the problems of life by Molly Bloom, who explain it speaking about a vital story. And at the second conference, Matthew Ferrara spoke about customer service and how to be present in contact with people being humble and honest in a world where we are increasingly surrounded by distractions.