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4 trends in interior design this 2019


As it happens every beginning of a new year, and along with the new year’s resolutions, new trends appear in both fashionable and in interior design. We have made a list of  2019 trends that will help you to give a fresh and modern air in your home. Do you want to know what’s up?


  1. Let green and mustard get into your life 

Every year a new color becomes the trendy color. This year are two: green and mustard. Whether they are woven, such as sofas or curtains, or the color of the walls, they will be the triumphant colors of the most modern homes. Although the living coral color has been chosen by Pantone as the color of 2019, it seems that the most popular colors on social networks are these two.


2. Cactus are fashionable

Cacti have always been a tendency for those homes where don’t have green thumb for plants. Because of its toughness it’s perfect! This 2019 it seems to be tendency and, in addition, they meet the first feature: are green.

The fashion of cactus, however, has gone farther and it is not necessary that they are natural. Nowadays there are artificial plants that perfectly fulfill their function. Besides, there are decorative cactus that are made of stone or cloth.

3. 70’s are back with wallpaperstrends

The 2019 trends go back almost 30 years ago. So far, wallpaper was outdated, it was a symbol of little taste. But this year it returns with strength. Last year we began to see some wallpaper walls but let’s get ready to see paper everywhere!








4. Geometry is the protagonist

Geometric objects, mosaic floors, painted walls of different geometric shapes … This tendency will begin to be seen shortly in our homes; And it’s that geometry never goes out of fashion and it’s always original!