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Why are we EREN members?

In the Amat Group, since the 70’s, we have been characterized by having a large and varied commercial portfolio of both sale and rent and investments for our customers, including high standing products, especially in the area of ​​San Just, Sant Cugat and Barcelona. However, it was not until 2013, with the creation of Amatluxury, that the resulting diversification of business towards a more exclusive product was consolidated, with the objective of reaching the international client. In this sense, the alliance with international real estate associations has been indispensable to expand the range of possibilities for our clients in terms of investments, purchase, sale and rental, and thus offer them the best possible service. We can also meet the needs of product anywhere in the world at the moment they place their trust in us. In order to achieve all this effectively, over a year ago we are part of the EREN Group as active members.

EREN -European Real Estate Network- is an international non-profit organization made up of 20 real estate companies with a leadership position in their sector and that meet the highest standards of service in the international market for luxury properties. This network is the first that brings together the best real estate professionals and reflects and exposes the high standards and business ethics of its members. Thanks to this alliance, we create links and synergies with other European luxury real estate companies that share the same values ​​as our of excellence, commitment, transparency and expertise.

Working closely on a constant basis with Eren allows us to exchange ideas and basic information to lead the luxury market by providing innovative marketing initiatives to ensure the effective promotion of our properties and to find investments around the world tailored to our customers.

A few days ago Eren published this study on the markets of each of its members, in our case with data provided by Immaculada Amat, co-director of the Amat Group, and Guifré Homedes, office manager and International Manager.


informe eren mercado españa

Being part of Eren also allows us to know the reality of other countries, an essential tool to be able to keep our clients informed about the international real estate market and offer them a holistic view of the sector, since our final objective to belong to Eren is to work for our clients with efficiency, integrity and tranquility. Being part of these partnerships allows us also to offer to any demanding client the possibility to find properties in any point of the planet thanks to their confidence relied on us