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Tips to reduce stress during your move house

If you are moving you can have many headaches for all the things that must be processed, and specialized moving companies are a real option to carry out the procedures.

They are a very good option to reduce the stress caused by the diligences of moving, since they have the necessary experience to carry out actions that may seem new to us. Generally, these companies have the necessary contacts to carry out the procedures in a faster and more efficient way. Another important aspect is that you will reduce the risks, the drivers and packaging technicians have a lot of experience and they do it effectively.


These companies do most of the actions necessary for the move. We can divide the actions into 3 great moments:

  • Before moving: carry out the procedures for the mobilization of all our things, apply for permits, pack furniture and delicate material, and check the contracts for electricity and gas services before arriving at the new home.
  • During the move: it is appropriate to arrive well in advance of the moving vehicle to guarantee a discharge process according to your instructions. It is also necessary to have the permission of the city council to do it properly, which the company does.
  • After the move: it is the moment of installation, for this reason we have to inform about the exact location of each piece of furniture and verify that everything works as it should.


But moving your belongings from one house to another is only a small part of what you should do during the move. As we already mentioned, you also have to register gas or electricity. In the case of gas it is appropriate to obtain the information from the different companies’ websites and see the price of the service registration. Other aspects should be reviewed, such as looking at the company that best suits your needs. Large companies such as Iberdrola or Endesa have online spaces to carry out procedures, but in most cases customer service is done through a telephone number.

Here you can find some tips to make your move a success.