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Important changes in 2018 for Amat Immobiliaris Group


The last 2017 has been a very intense year for Amat Immobiliaris and 2018 starts with huge changes in the family business. A stage has been closed and another stage has begun, both in the family and in the company.

This 2018 Imma and Joana Amat have give way to the 3rd family generation to lead the company and so Guifré Homedes – who was already incorporated to the company as Manager Director of Barcelona office from 2011- is the new CEO of Amat Immobiliaris since January 1st leading the family business which is 70 years old this year.

In 2017 Amat opened a much larger office in Sant Cugat del Valles downtown which has been a very important investment due to it was an old premises and has taken a lot of work to design it. It has been also the year in which the corporate headquarters premises have been found in a very well located area of Barcelona -Via Augusta/Diagonal- and finally inaugurated the past 10th and 11th of July.

In order to celebrate both significant moments this week two events have been held in a row due to the large amount of attendees – more than 200 people- among authorities, customers, employees and friends who did not want to miss the event.

Amat stands always for culture and female talent – which are two of our values- and so it was one of the most outstanding moment of the events. The first day a well-known catalan singer offered a poetry recital show with guitar music whereas the second day there was a fusion between poetry and flamenco conducted by an important catalan actress.

Both days have been a perfect opportunity for everyone to visit our new headquarters and also dedicate a final public recognition to the first generation. The event was conducted by the third generation that, since January 2018, run the company.