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The coffee table and its decoration. How to do it?


Have you ever wondered how you could decorate the coffee table in front of the sofa and you never find anything suitable? This is more complicated than it seems!

This kind of tables are located almost in the center of the living room, that’s why choosing nice objects to put on is important. In many occasions this space is occupied with the mail, magazines, and any other thing that looks like whatever except something decorative and nice and that gives a messy aspect to the room.

A solution is find any element that could fill the space without being too much invasive. It has to be a some thing that gives harmony and cosiness to the room. First of all:


Take into account your style

Anything you decide to put on the table has to match the rest of the decoration or, at least, the style of the living room where the table is located. It has no sense to place too many things on the table with souvenirs if your style is minimalist. And, of course, the other way around.

Be practical

At the and of the day, the use of a coffe table is, of course, put on the coffee! It means having enough space so having this in mind, it is not a good idea to put on a lot of things but doing it in a smart way.


So, choosing small objects in order to don’t take a lot of space is a serious must. We don’t want to take and put on again the decoration every time we have to use the table, do we?

Don’t break the harmony 

It is, for sure, the most important. Whatever you decide to put on the table has to keep the style of the room and give harmony to the space without breaking the decoration. Light has to be taken into account as well but it will depend on what you want to highlight at the room. Maybe we want to give an important role to the thing on the table…

What do you thing? Do you give so much importance to the coffee table?