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‘A change of cycle’ an article about us after Barcelona Meeting Point

Amat Immobiliaris celebrates its 68th anniversary this year with the aim of maintain the spirit in which it was created: innovation, quality and profitability for costumers, communication, solutions…

These items are paradigm of its services:

Patrimonial Rentals: designed for clients who have invested in real estate with foresight, looking for maximum profitability and increasing value.

Patrimonial of Communities: Amat’s current goal is to get customers be in love again of their community, which it is usually the main asset.

Patrimonial Large Accounts: designed for high net worth servicers and funds where the speed of reporting, knowledge in using different platforms and to be highly decisive in the negotiations is a fundamental value.

New Construction marketing: change of cycle has begun in this area, because between May and June Amat Immobiliaris started marketing three developments located in major towns close to Barcelona. Needless to say that all is selling at a good pace and during the Barcelona Meeting Point Amat will be presenting a few new projects. This is very good news and means a good attitude of demand, ease of mortgages, confidence in the developer, etc.

Standard commercial: for sale and rental of second-hand homes, a market that has been reborn and has a good performance.

Luxury Commercial: many years of expertise in this residential real estate segment. Amat has organized a service that goes beyond customer expectations.

Tax Consultant: new service based on trust, transparency and prudence, values associated with the spirit of Amat.

Investment Consultant: Amat Immobiliaris studies and plan your investments in the real estate market, offering the best properties and the best opportunities.

Legal and Urban Planning Consultancy: from an urban transformation to study an inheritance.

In short, a team of 75 professionals committed to the customer and the company.