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Positive moments

These holidays I have reviewed the Diaries, which since July 2008 we have been writing month by month and, actually, the tone has changed a lot. It all started with a rather pessimistic tone and today the tone is frankly positive. The truth is that we must be grateful that we managed to get through and grow in such a long and deep economic crisis.

 We are grateful for having the trust of thousands of customers, grateful to have a very committed professional team, grateful that the market recognizes us and trust our company, Amat Immobiliaris. We are also grateful for the response to the call for ideas to make communities to be in love again that we made in the last Diary of July, and where several people have sent us very creative ideas.

 And positive, very positive, because the real estate market is recovering. We ourselves are surprised by the pace of sales in the new construction market. It is true that even confined to the area between the B-30 and the sea, but as always happens, the market recovery will spread like an oil slick. This recovery leads to increasing prices, a prudential increment today, but we need to remain cautious, because the purchasing power is conditioned by salaries and, at the moment, these are very restrained.

 Another positive fact is the re-incorporation of the group of demandant investors, not foreign investors -but only in specific areas of Barcelona-, ​​but domestic investors, small investors who decide to put their savings in our sector in view of the zero performance bank deposits. It didn’t happen years ago.

Immaculada Amat