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What is Lean Construction?

The current situation in the construction sector is mandatory to accept new challenges and adopt new strategies  One of the most challenging, is the sustainable construction. And it’s at that point where we present the Lean Construction.

After the experience of the real estate boom and the subsequent crisis in the sector, has been very important to rethink the model of real estate market to prevent history repeating itself and the best way to avoid this is by applying sustainable construction at the economic level.

Although it is not a new word, as it has been applied in other industries, it has been used recently in the construction sector and mainly what is intended is to make a product – in this case housing-as efficiently as possible and with minor losses.


How do we apply in housing? Very easy: calculating very well all the economic factors involved in the process, such as materials, labor or waste.

 Where do we start? To build what demanding needs. Projects must meet a real demand from buyers and be in line with architects and developers. It is a matter for further market studies so if small apartments are in demand, not design them bigger and risk losing a sale or lengthen in time. The same applies to the quality of materials.

 And how do we get it? With a commitment among all stakeholders throughout the project from the architect, developer and marketer. Working as a team and communicate all processes to be more efficient.

 And the buyer? The main advantage is that it will acquire a property that meets their needs, resulting in added value and sustainable.