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Google Home will make your life at home easier

The technology we’ve seen in thousands of movies begins to realize and is coming to our homes. Google has become the pioneer in developing programs that will make our life in our homes easier and presented Google Home in the market. That is an application that allows you to control, only with your voice, different elements at home.

If you already know SIRI, the assistant of Apple devices, you will be familiar with Google Home since its operation is similar. This is a device that looks like a small speaker and helps you from anywhere in the house by giving orders or asking questions. In addition, it can be connected to a tablet, mobile phone or computer to control it while you are out.


The advantages of Google Home are many: from turning on the washing machine, turning the heat or raising the blinds. With a simple command you can prepare the house before your arrival. The tone of our voice will tell Google Home how you feel that day and the device will customize your home to feel as comfortable as possible .

In short, science fiction will become part of our everyday life as in that film.