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Who is the typical Spanish home buyer?


A recent study published last week by Fotocasa, highlights the characteristics of the typical home buyer in Spain. It is 38 years of age, in 51% of cases has full time employment in the private sector and 53% are females whereas 47% are males.

One of the most important factors, their income, the study shows that 25% of buyers earnd an annual salary of between 20.000 and 30.000 €, 24% earned between 10.000-20.000€ and 21% of them receive between 30.000 and 50.000 euros per year. Only 16% of the buyers asked have a salary of more than 100.000€.

In addition, Spanish buyers need help from third parties in order to afford the purchase. Relatives or friends are asked as bank guarantee. The survey indicates that every 10 home purchases are being made with third party support.

Although the first thought of potential buyers is acquired a new housing, 69% finally opted for second hand homes due to its attractive prices, the possibility of some discount and because of there are less taxes involved.

It is important to notice that only 23% of the respondents considered both purchasing and renting, whereas the higher percentage considered only purchasing and renting has never been considered.

The properties more sold are 92 sqm apartments in 69%, followed by villas with 195 sqm on average, penthouses for 7%, 1% studios and only 2% of other type with an average of 126 sqm.



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