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Barcelona Second Home, a long-distance race in the Chinese market

For some time now Amat Immobliaris have been working the Chinese market through its brand Barcelona Second Home. This project, like many others, is a long-distance race in which perseverance, patience and perseverance play a key role.

The experience of contacts, branding as well as working in the market has allowed us to organize some seminars this 2016 to show a selection of products suitable to selected group of customers’ profile. The key to succeed in these seminars is to have a good partner to do this selection carefully and convening the investment needs of these clients. This information allows to a highly focused product and so it greatly increase the chances of success. Product presentations are always framed in the context of Barcelona’s appeal as a benchmark city in the world.

 As always, as happens at fairs such as work begins just after the exhaustive attendees trying to perform operations.

 Today, a few days after having a seminar in Shanghai, we are working for clients’ assistants.