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5 reasons to sign an exclusive contract

When a property is accepted for its commercialization, apart from the necessary documentation to be demanded, a fee and conditions agreement is mandatory and there is also the option to enjoy an exclusivity clause that includes different points. The following are some interesting advantages for deciding to sign an exclusive contract:

1. A broker exclusively dedicated to your property

 Diversity does not always guarantee better results. In fact, the results show that it is better to rely on a single broker who has an in-depth knowledge of your property and can highlight and promote the best of it. He also can quickly identify the features with the needs of a potential tenant / buyer .

2. The property don’t get “burned out” and we give priority tracking

The fact of the product being published too many times in the same real estate website (idealistic Fotocasa, Habitaclia …) generates overcrowding and lack of interest due to its overexposure, which ends up causing what is commonly called “being burned out “.

Moreover, the website of the own real estate company generates more quality traffic because visitors are customers who rely on us. Besides, the exclusivity implies monitoring and priority offer to potential customers.

3. More security and less chance of errors

If you sign an exclusive contract, the possibility of errors in the provided data is reduced. Whether, if there is any wrong information in many different companies to change it will be a nightmare. With an exclusive contract it will be corrected at once in all real estate websites.

4. More investment in marketing and image advice

In our case, an exclusive contract implies a greater investment in marketing activities as the appearance in the display window and so in the magazine / monthly newsletter and social networks. As well as a professional photo shoot. The image of the property, therefore, will also be cared.

5. Fewer fees

Exclusive contract has lower percentage of fees as a appreciation for the trust they placed in us.