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10 best houses of 20th Century

There are many homes that could be considered pieces of art. Among many of them we have chosen 10, some of them built by the best architects of the last century and other linked to the more modern movement of the twentieth century, hidden gems among fantastic landscapes. Located in different parts of the world and with very different characteristics between them, all well they deserve to be on this list.


1. Glass House; Connecticut, EEUU.


Designed by Philip Johnson for his thesis project at the University of Harvard, where he lived since its construction until his death. This is the most famous and controversial work of the architect, who was one of the forerunners of modern style and use of new materials. Today the house is used as a museum and worship for fans of architecture.

The best thing about the house? The landscape that surrounds it and is part of it.


CRSITAL        Image 1 & Image 2

2. Villa Necchi; Milan, Italy



The jewel of elegance in the center of Milan, built between 1932 and 1935 by Piero Portaluppi. The design itself represents the high Italian industrial bourgeoisie of the twentieth century, with collections of art on the walls and classical furniture, theatrical spaces expressing high purchasing power of the lombard family.

In 2008 it was opened to the public and has been converted into a museum.





3. Dar Sebastian; Hammamet, Tunisia

This construction of the book of “1000 Nights” dates from 1920 and was projected by the Romanian billionaire George Sebastian, in love with the Tunisian architecture, white walls and courtyards. Still, its style belongs to the most rationalist of the 20th C. The house is located on the seafront and now transformed into the center of culture Hammamet Cultural Centre.




Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen.”

4. Villa Savoye; Poissy, France

The house of Le Corbusier remains today an emblem of architecture and a piece of art to visit in France. Le Corbusier himself lived there in the 30s. Its design beautifully expressed renewed principles of international style and even today remains as a leading example.

le corbusierImage

Le Corbusier designed the Villa Savoye between 1929 and 1931. ca. 2002 Poissy, France


5. Aalto House; Helsinki, Finland

Modernism reached its peak in the residence, in a seaside district of Helsinki. The designer couple Alvar and Aino Aalto shaped in his residence the basis for its future work. A simple lines in open spaces considering the environment was one of the concerns of its architects.

Alvar Aalto_helsinkiImage

6. Villa Tugendhat; Brno, Czech Republic

Mies Van der Rohe developed in this work his conception of open layout, where the spaces are defined without separations. What is now commonly known as “loft”. The house was built in 1929 and quickly became an icon of modern functionalist architecture. It went through different occupations during World War II and in 2002 was declared UNESCO World Heritage.

Villa TugendhatImage



7. Study House 8; Pacific Palisades, Los Ángeles

Until nowadays it is considered one of the most functional houses of architectural history. Its residents Charles and Ray Eames were the designers and lived in it for years 40-50. Charles and Ray Eames started designing the house in 1945 for the Case Study House Program published in the Journal of Arts and Architecture in Los Angeles, and who built these houses of study of cases that had to focus on the use of new materials and technologies developed during World War II. The intention was that the house could be built with prefabricated materials that do not disturbs its surroundings, they were easy to build, and present a modern style.

charles y ray Eames


8. Rose Seidler House; Sidney, Australia

Rose Seidler House was designed in the late 40 in the upscale neighborhoods of Sydney, surrounded by a wooded landscape. It is a module of glass on legs of different materials looking for the reinvention of European Bauhaus school. The interior is open and bright.

Rose SeiderImage

9. Das Canoa House; Sao Conrado, Brasil

This house, completely modern and inspired by their natural surroundings, the Amazon jungle, was designed by the best architect of Brazil, Oscar Niemeyer in 1951. He once said he was inspired by “its white beaches, huge mountains, ancient baroque churches and beautiful tanned women”. It is currently recognized as the synthesis of modern architecture.

Casa canoasImage


10. Kunio Mawkawa Hous; Tokyo, Japan

The tiny Kunio Mawaka house, now an outdoor museum, combines traditional Japanese architecture with European Modernism. It was built in 1942 and highlights the lightness of its interior spaces as well as innovation in the materials used.




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