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4 before & after of incredible transformations

In New York, more specifically in Manhattan’s East Village, Henry, banker and single, acquired an apartment almost destroyed with the aim to refurbish it. Despite the serious bad condition of the house, Henry saw great potential. He not only wanted to reform the kitchen but also make a complete overhaul.

Following images say it all.



Cuina abans

Abans 2

After months of work and significant investment the result is impressive.


despres cuina

cuina després 2

cuina després 2—–

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The case of the caravan reconverted in a mobile kiosk to promote a city in Canada is also noteworthy. With a budget of $ 3,000 it was renovated, refurbished, painted and decorated. Flooring and electrical installation were also redone.

It was …



caravana 3

tour kiosk beforre


… and now..



caravana 2

tour kiosk after

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The next couple was distributing his house after the arrival of their first child. Although the house was great did not have a space to do both office and playroom.
The solution was found on the roof of the house. 4 meters high were allowed to construct a loft where creating two new spaces.





They themselves were put to work and designed and built the space. This is the result…




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Small spaces mustn’t be underestimated. With little taste and imagination it can be cozy rooms. In addition, the budget will probably be smaller and may be easier to decorate.

In a small apartment in Portugal, its owner had a dark living room, overloaded, poorly decorated and badly damaged…



living room portugal before

First of all, what he decided to do was to open the space by removing the door in order to give the feeling of spaciousness and also clear away the old furniture.

He also gave a more modern style to the flooring by placing the original with a laminate one. In addition to removing the door, he painted the walls in gray tone in order to made the room brighter.



living room portugal after

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