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When people respect nature

When people respect nature, let trees grow inside their houses and this is what these how their homes look like. The problem is that, as a life creatures, trees grow tall and wide. Will these houses stand it up during many years?


1. Casa Corallo, Guatemala


wffcuepiwulonaedivjbPhoto: Design Milk


2. Mike Jacobs and Aaron Neubert, Los Angeles, California

mrnmvgo71dvgmfkkhhldPhoto: New York Times


3. Wooden bungalow, Lima, Peru

xfnzvto2wpftblemov7jPhoto: DesignBoom


4. Japan

 Photo: Aqua


5. Unknown



6. Travis Price, West Virginia, USA.

8 Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around ThemPhoto: Houzz


7. Tepoztlán, México

Photo: VeoVerde


8. Keerbergen, Bélgica

Photo: Arq