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The smallest mansion in the World

Kota Mizuishi is a Japanese architect and the designer of the River Side House, close to the Horinouchi River, in Tokyo. It is a house with all the amenities of a “regular” house but with the main difference of been built in a 52 sq. triangular plot. The property is delimited by the river and a road so the architecture studio has been forced to develop this original project in order to make the most of this little piece of land.


hori02© hiroshi tanigawa

The lack of land in the Japanese cities is the reason of this kind of extreme architecture and Mizuishi has known how to do it properly. He has built a home where others would maybe place nothing but a wall.

hori13© hiroshi tanigawa

The house, where there is living a family of three, has two levels and the second floor is wider than the first one where there are a bathroom and a double room.

hori11 hori12        © hiroshi tanigawa       

On the second level there is the communal area, with the kitchen, the dining-living room and a loft. Besides, there is an attic, used as a children playroom with access by a ladder. And, of course, there is also a space for a car!

    © hiroshi tanigawa


    © hiroshi tanigawa


    © hiroshi tanigawa

The most important thing of this property is its brightness. The lateral walls are sliding windows with access to a balcony.

                                                                    © hiroshi tanigawa

Definitely, there is nothing lacking in this big little house!