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Being parents in Barcelona?

Having children and moving into a big city can generate doubts and uncertainty. In many cases, families wonder if there will be enough leisure for their children. In the case of Barcelona, ​​the city is known worldwide as cosmopolitan and culturally rich, and not only provides entertainment for demanding adults but also for demanding kids, often even more so!

NensTheatre, concerts, storytelling and museums are some of the activities aimed at the whole family during weekends throughout the year. Fortunately, there are many free and outdoors, taking advantage of the great weather of a Mediterranean city like ours. Both the City Council and youth associations organize activities aimed at children in all neighbourhoods and, notably, the role of “caus” and “esplais”, a deeply rooted tradition in Catalonia. “Caus” or “esplais” are recreational spaces for children aged 6 to 18 year old managed by educational and leisure youth associations. Its function is to educate and provide tools for growth in values ​​and social commitment while children play, learn and have fun. A great idea for parents is leaving their children with their supervisor and enjoy a weekend for two…

Living in a big city, often associated with crowds, traffic and concrete , does not mean lower quality of life or danger to children. Barcelona has parks and important natural areas as the Collserola Park or “Park de les aigües” where parents nature lovers can enjoy a day on the mountain with their children without leaving the city. In addition, if they like excitement at the top of the mountain, Tibidabo is located the amusement park with the same name; a park built in late 19th century that still retains its charm and capacity to delight young and old.

If you still do not believe it is enough to entertain your little monsters, Barcelona Zoo and Aquarium will certainly arouse their curiosity and will be enough to keep them entertained for a while.