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48 H Open House Barcelona

This weekend, October 25th/26th, Barcelona is holding the 48h Open House Barcelona within the Festival of Architecture of Barcelona. This is the fifth year in a row and the city opens doors of more than 150 buildings to bring closer architecture to all kind of public.

The initiative started in 1992 in London and spread around the world arriving here in 2010.

Open House Barcelona is a non-profit project looking to involve social agents, technicians as well as an artistic side with the aim of making Barcelonians to look their architecture from another perspective.

During these two days is possible to follow different itineraries inviting you to explore, discover new corners of the city and rediscover others, as well as participate in activities to understand closely the architecture and attend conferences for free the whole weekend.

For making the most of this experience 48h Open House has created a mobile application for a better organization of the visits as well as a map guide with information of each one of the buildings.

Tours will be made of small groups and guided by volunteers in order of arrival. Some of the architects could be in their buildings for giving more information or resolve any doubt.

So, you know now. If you want to spend a different weekend and knowing better the Barcelona skyline, don’t let this opportunity fly and discover from inside some of the most emblematic buildings.

By the way! Remember it’s completely for free!