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The internet of things in our home

Currently, most of us would not be able to live without internet. If we compare other technological advances, the internet is not so long that it is part of our lives but it has come so strong and evolved so fast that it makes us wonder: what did we do without it?

The Internet first entered with the computers and continued with the mobile phones, changing forever the way we communicate. But nowadays, it is in a third and very important revolution. Internet, as we know it until now, has evolved until enter into our home, often without knowing it, and it is known as Internet of Things.

The internet of things


This generic term, refers to the connection to the network of everyday elements by making static objects interactive. The mechanics of the internet of things is to be able to give specific orders to different elements of home so that they improve our life. An example, electric blinds, intelligent refrigerators, heating and air conditioning systems, … All these systems can be controlled from the outside by specific orders using the network.

Although this technology is incipient, there are almost completely domotic houses where you can regulate light and temperature remotely before arriving home from specific mobile applications. The latest example comes from Google. The company has created Google Home a total control system that will make the network improve life at home. Here you can read more.

This new use also redesigns cities by creating what are called Smart Cities. In this way, aspects such as the control of street lighting, cars, buildings, etc. will change the current definition of urbanism and city.