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12 years to recover the investment in a Tesla battery, is it worth it?


Disconnecting from the energy network has a price but it is not cheap, to be honest.

tesla_bateriaThe main idea of ​​Tesla battery is to be able to be completely independent, generating and using your own energy with a domestic battery that can power a house with 2 rooms for a full day. The domestic installation can provide up to 6 kilowatts/ hour of power, which is the daily average of a household consume. The system is being introduced gradually in Europe and threatens traditional power companies.

 The American company officially announced at the Genera Energy Fair in June last year the launch of the revolutionary Tesla battery in Spain in order to make family homes more autonomous thanks to the solar energy transformation. The real problem is its cost.

It is gradually being introduced across Europe but its costs of more than 7,000 euros takes over 12 years to a middle class family to recover the investment, considering that the annual electricity bill of a Spanish family is 600 euros per year. This amount is needed for the installation of the solar panels to collect the  energy and the actual cost of the battery – € 6000 -. In Spain, in addition, we should add the “sun tax”, as the Spanish government has established a tax for solar installations.

The question we must ask is therefore worth the investment?

Well, it has to be seen yet.

Being so new technology it is likely to be soon obsolete and the prices decrease, as often happens in pioneering technologies; so maybe worth the wait. However, the European market has strong commitment, since the EU is into introduce renewable energy system in order to be more independent from non-renewable sources from the Middle East and Russia.