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6 tips to have a successful open house visit

When it comes to show a property it is important to follow certain guidelines and keep in mind certain important points in order to make it a success. Home staging, for example, is a good tactic, but in addition we must consider certain aspects that we show below:

1.Light, everything depends on the light!

No one would buy a dark home if given the chance. Light is often one of the indispensable requirements that a future buyer demands. So be sure to raise the blinds and open the curtains. But keep in mind that windows can be dirty, so be sure to clean them first! Even so, the most effective is to visit the property on a sunny day.

But if, unfortunately, the flat or house do not have enough natural light, turns the lights on strategically and creates a cozy atmosphere.

2. Kitchen updates

Both kitchen and bathroom suffer the most over the time. Therefore, it is interesting to try to persuade the owner to make some work to improve their appearance. It is not necessary to do a complete renovation but to try a slight “facelift”. Some ideas would be changes of handles or light that do not illuminate enough, for example.

3. Improve the exterior

The entrance to the property is the first thing a future buyer see. First impression matters! Therefore, it should be taken into account at the time of visiting the property by changing the entry carpet, sweep the possible leaves or dust that may have accumulated, and even sweep the sidewalk. If possible it would always be grateful to put some flowers to decorate the hall. If the entrance offers a welcoming and positive appearance the rest of the visit will be much more enjoyable.

4. Add mirrors and some decoration

A well placed mirror can produce the effect of space, which is a good strategy in small property. If we can incorporate mirrors in the smaller rooms, we can visually correct a problem that can throw back the sale or rent. Also, keep in mind that if the house is empty and there are visible holes on the walls, it is important to find a way to cover them.

5. Enhance its qualities

 If a property has unique or special elements, enhance them! For example, if the floor has some special motif or is of parquet of quality, better to remove carpets and elements that cover it. If the walls have some type of artistic mosaic, show it! It is important to highlight what uniquely identifies the future home.

6. Removes personal belongings 

If the house is still inhabited, hide the personal objects of the tenants. Visitors will try to make the property their own by imagining how they would furnish and decorate it and too personal decor can ruin their intentions. It is always better to show it as empty as possible and create a homestay as neutral as possible to suit most visits.