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Is it convenient for the owner that tenant insures the property?

rotoIn insurance matters any precaution is little, at least this is our way of thinking and working. We are very aware that in our country there is little insurance culture and we are very far from the rest of Europe. But we must not stop to insist on the subject, on the contrary, we must help to create a better culture on the subject in question.

It is part of our professional responsibility to ensure that the patrimony entrusted to us for administration has all the guarantees in this regard. That is why we require the tenant, as part of the negotiation of the contract, to have duly secured civil liability, at least.

Although, if there were any accident attributable to the tenant, he would be responsible, the problem would be if he had left the house and leave a judicial process in progress. From this moment all these inconveniences are for the owner: requirements or possible subsidiary responsibilities. A problem that can be avoided if at the time of completion of the rent has had the foresight to think about this topic.