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Home staging versus decoration

One of the most frequently reasons given for not doing Home Staging at the time of sale or rent our house is considered that our home is already decorated and does not need extra interventions. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Exotic style by Maison du Monde

.When a person is looking for a home, one is actually looking for a lifestyle and can not necessarily be ours. Perhaps we live in our house a lifetime … Do you think that now a couple will fall in love a couple who begin theirs? The home staging provides a calm, neutral and cozy style but none in particular. Visitors to the house, each with its different decorative preferences need to be able to feel that their decoration will fit there.

shabby-chic        Shabby Chic style by Westwing

If you have already taken the decision to sell your home, you have to start to distance yourself, to say goodbye to the house. The whole process starts by considering a financial asset, in this case, real estate, which expect to make a profit as possible. Prepare for its release is the role of home staging.

africa           Africa style by Westwing

clasico                        Classical by Maison du Monde

There are dozens of different decorative styles, but people looking house always coincide in wanting a cozy and bright, calm and organized home. Those are precisely these needs that the Home Staging works, not decorative styles.

industrial                   Industrial style by Maison du Monde

 When we decorate, we consider the preferences of the person concerned. Painting, prints, details, etc., will always be personal and specific. Everything is allowed, any color, bold it, provided you like the owner of the house. But when selling, if a house has a very marked style or decor, your target will be substantially reduced since only be interesting for the small percentage of buyers who like this trend..

colonial      Colonial style by Maison du Monde

This will also happen if the house is too full. 85% of people are not able to imagine their potential in removing excess furniture and personal belongings will be essential to show the best of a house.

antes hs

BEFORE THE HOUSE home staging

 A good home staging leaves only the necessary furniture to “draw” spaces through which to move freely and get the space look larger, which gives always a positive perception of a house.

despues hs                            AFTER THE HOUSE Home Staging

It might seem that trying to get a house does not have a particular style, the result is a home that lacks full of decorative details. It is not like this. Simply the color palette is simple and based on neutral tones such as grays, tans and beiges.


hs2                                      Home Staging made by THE HOUSE HS

Also should be added to our “staging” a decorative touch in trend, either in objects, colors or prints.

When we look for home, we all want a new and updated home, even if it is second-hand!

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Clementina Chereguini

Home Staging Consultant