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Catalonia, the best place to invest

Catalonia will be the best place in southern Europe for foreign investment this 2016 and next year 2017. The Financial Times has made a report highlighting the strategy of Catalonia in order to attract further foreign investment and highlights the business climate. The data has been collected through Catalonia agency Trade & Investment. In addition, Barcelona is placed first on the ranking of the best cities in Europe in terms of attracting investors as well as its commitment in creating infrastructures and digital presence, according to the Department of Enterprise and Competitiveness. According to the same ranking, Catalonia ranks first followed by Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid, Basque Country, Andalusia and Lisbon (Portugal).

This week, the Secretary of Business and Competitiveness, Joan Aregio, received the award which accredits this recognition in Cannes, at the MIPIM congress.

The report has collected information from 300 cities and 150 regions in six areas: economic potential, work environment, profitability, infrastructure, favorable business environment and acquisition strategy.