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A building tribute to Khaleesi of Game of Thrones

New York’s architecture never ceases to amaze and the skyline is becoming impressive. After showing off the tallest building of apartments in the city with the One57,-it has completely transformed once again-, the silhouette of the Big Apple changes again with the project of West 57th Street.

 Architect Mark Foster Gage is responsible for the project with the aim of breaking with the rigid, sober aspect of the New York’s skyline so he has designed the “Khaleesi Tower” which seems to be an imagination of George R.R. Martin. This urban megalith carved with gargoyles on the facade is near Central Park.

The tower “Khaleesi” is a skyscraper of 102 floors, each with its own gargoyle on the balcony, which stand out among the other buildings around it. It has shops, a two-storeys nightclub and a four stars restaurant, all with access to four balconies with panoramic breathtaking views of the city.


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