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It is not a real estate business, it is a relationship business.

We just arrived from the 10th International Symposium organized by Luxury Real Estate. It is the fifth year that we attend this event and along with other conferences and fairs, we have acquired a knowledge that we hadn’t five years ago.

As in any family business new projects are taken with determination but with measure. We always think it has a cost and, therefore, in any project we apply a medium to long-term vision, and when we talk about internationalization even further.

Nowadays we can confirm we are an international company and, from some years, we have employees from around the world in our team selling and renting an important number of properties to foreigners. We have a well established network of international collaborators which allow us to not only receive non-domestic customers, but to help any buyer to find a property in a foreign country.

Amat Immobiliaris already has a network of real estate agents collaborating with a range of more than 25 countries (USA, France, China, Russia, Egypt, …) and many more reference cities worldwide. In order to grow and keep our network net a good combination of travel and work contact us when Barcelona is needed. In our case we are outside more than six weeks per year and have several tools to maintain constant contact with our international partners.

Aside from business, travel and experiences provide a lot of knowledge. When we arrive from any conference the challenge is to organize all the learned and all the ideas written down, see what we stand for and think about how we can apply it to our company.

Perseverance, history, involvement, activity, professionalism, innovation, … All this has brought us respect in international associations we belong as well as in markets where we work more intensively such as the Chinese. Nowadays, in a way that begins to be significant, we are getting recommendations and this is proof of what all we have planted begins to bear fruit.

We ended up with one of the phrases underlined at the conference last week, probably simple and obvious, but you need to internalize: It is not a real estate business, it is a relationship business.

Guifré Homedes

International Manager