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10 tips for taking full advantage of a small bedroom

1. The most important is to maximize the spaces that, at first glance, seem useless. For example, under the bed. Try to get a storage bed and if it’s not possible, use boxes tightly closed to avoid dust and store everything you need.

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2. A useful idea is using the night table as a library. If you can’t hang horizontal shelves you can organize the books vertically!


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3.  Or if you need space to study or work the nightstand can be replaced by a small desk …


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4. In order to give more sense of space and separate different spaces, you can hide the bed behind a curtain.


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5. You must also use the back of the door..



6. The light must also be taken into account. It is important to choose ceiling lamps, otherwise the stand ones would reduce the space.


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7. A very interesting tip is playing with the colors of the walls. If you don’t want it to look that small, choose a wall and paint or decorate it different from the rest …


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8. Or use the always helpful white color..

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9. Storing clothes on racks behind the bed keeps more space free whereas the structure of a wardrobe and its doors would reduce it considerably.


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10. Take advantage of the ceiling height for using corners and build attics.


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