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Saint George’s Day


At Catalonia, specifically in Barcelona Saint George’s Day is the most beautiful day of the year. It’s a big party on the street, even thought it’s usually in a working day.

Saint George’s day has a double meaning: it the Catalan’s love day and also the culture day. Both axes are represented by the rose (love) and the book (culture). The tradition tells that men have to give a rose to his girl, while the women have to give a book to her lovers.

That’s the reason because the streets are full of rose and books stands, most of them with the most recognized writers, and larges cues of people waiting to bring their book signed. The flats are making up with Catalan buildings and on the streets are also demonstrations of Catalan culture like theatre representations, human castles…

Every year international recognized writers visit Barcelona and sign books, like Doris Lessing, John Irving, Coetzee, Vargas Llosa, Garcia Marquez, Murakami, and local authors too. Probably the writers who have the largest cues this year will be Marta Rojals, Jaume Fuster, Enrique Vila-Matas, Xavier Bosch, Julia Navarro…

Thousands of people go to street: children with the school, young and old lovers. There are some moments you cannot walk around the streets. And you know what the prettiest thing is? Everybody has a smile in their face, everybody is happy to participate in this important Catalan day, people can feel a really country union.

We suggest going to the center of Barcelona city and let wrap themselves for the spirit of people, the roses smell, the children smile… is an unforgettable experience. And who live once want to live more times.

Happy Saint George’s Day!