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The key to conquering buyers. Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, a day when couples go out to the streets to celebrate their love. But love and enchantment can signify much more than just romantic partners; everyone experiences it uniquely, with whom they choose. Our children, family, pets, cherished objects, or even our homes can captivate us. […]

We’re thrilled to announce three exceptional property sales this January, highlighting strong demand for exclusive residences in Sant Cugat and Sant Just Desvern. Explore more at Sold and Rented by Amat Luxury. Exclusive Residence with Unbeatable Views Located in Sant Cugat, this unique property, part of a plot with three houses, boasts unparalleled Montserrat and […]

Key Considerations for Charging Point Installations in Communal Garages and Buildings   As electric vehicle purchases becomes more common, the demand for electric chargers in communal spaces rises. In this initial post, we delve into the legal aspects for installing electric chargers in private parking and community-owned spaces.   Catalonia’s regulations, found in Book V […]