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3 essential elements a garden must have this summer



At last summer arrived this year and we have to prepare the garden because it is the most used space at this time of the year.

The lucky ones who can enjoy of an outdoor space at home should take full advantage of it and we believe there are three essential elements that a garden must have in order to share the best moments with family or friends. Here there are!


A nice shade

jardí hort

Although we love sun, shaded areas are very necessary, especially if you want to enjoy the space without having to be protected by sun creams or clothes.

In order to enjoy it, it is important to have some leafy trees that can provide you of it at different hours of the day and keeping the style of your garden. If you do not want to hang awnings or any artificial material that break the harmony of the space, we can always grow palm trees, olive trees and all that vegetation that offer us a good shelter for the sun thanks to its size.



Flowers, plants and/or vegetable garden

Although the most of gardens are identified because of lawn, it is also important to have flowers and plants. Having a vegetable garden is also a plus since, besides of giving another aspect to the space, it offers the chance to take advantage of the garden and discover a new hobby, such as horticulture, and be able to consume quality products in our home.


Exterior diner area

There are almost indispensable in any garden. How not to have an exclusive space to social and family relationships! Around a table is when the best business and any other important aspect of our lives are developed. So, if the garden is spacious enough, why not to set a table there?

And, if it also has a barbecue?


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Now you have no excuse for not having a spectacular garden, with the best trends and comforts.