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Trends of 2017 ready to say goodbye this 2018


2017 fashion is already old-fashion. We welcome the new year and so new fashion rules because we are a bit tired of 2017 trends. Let’s have a look to these 5 old-fashioned trends!

Everything is white!

White walls, white decoration. We are tired of white domination in living rooms and bedrooms. White is elegant and very versatile but we think that it is enough, by now. In 2018 we have to let colors get into our houses and fill walls and decoration in order to give more happiness to our home. Try! But remember: less is more, don’t get crazy and transform your property into a circus!

Stop minimalism

Many times minimalism means unwelcome space, all clear, with a concrete flooring, nude walls and a few furniture. It is very fashion, indeed, but we think that it is not appropriate for a home. Does it? You warm your place with flowers, furniture and colors and try to change your home into a cosy space.


Hyper-referential Word Art
Do you really need a set of wooden letters that says EAT to remind you of what to do in your dining room? No, you do not.

Enough with midcentury decoration

This decoration has to be rid of your apartment. We agree it has elegant lines and works in almost every apartment and also it is easy to find, but it is not necessary that your home looks like a time capsule. It will look better if your mix it with new pieces. It will give a more personal look.