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The importance of a good light at home

In many cases light plays a fundamental role in our homes. Adding a point of light in a strategic place can visually add meters of amplitude to our rooms. In addition, light influences our mood so it is key to decorate a study, a dining room or a bedroom following different guidelines. We will not be served the same lamp or the same temperature of light for one place as for another.

With the lighting happens the same as with the color of our walls. Both aspects must be combined to favor the atmosphere that is created in our home. Of them it will depend that a room makes us feel more comfortable, or it is an uncomfortable atmosphere.


In the “science” of interior design lighting is key and interior designers know it. They propose to play with both the position of the light bulb, and with the type of light bulb, colors, white (colder) or yellow (warmer) light, the height of the point of light, its inclination, .. All of this leads to a state of mind that can help us to develop or feel what we want in every room of the house. We could say that lighting is the central axis of all good decoration and to be able to illuminate correctly we must start from a general base and add points of light. For example, starting from a general white light and afterwards placing small warmer points of light depending on what we want to feel or do in the room and go playing with the sensations. In a dining room or living room it is important to have at least 2 points of light, a white for when there are guests or meetings, and another warmer for when we watch TV and want to relax.

 One important thing to keep in mind, and of which we have not yet spoken, are shadows. All light has its shadow and we must ensure that it is projected in the right place or, if we prefer, avoid it. For this, the strength of the light beam and its inclination play a fundamental role. For example, in order to create a reading corner, a directed but diffused light that generates little shadow is the best way to avoid being disturbed by the reflection of light in our book or its very hard shadow. The play of lights and shadows will directly affect the overall appearance of the space.

 Although it can seem like an arduous task, to combine both aspects can be a fun process of decoration and with many possibilities. In addition, it is a more economical way of setting our home.

 From here we encourage you to explore the wonderful world of interior lighting.