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A general view of Real Estate Market in 2016

This year 2016 has been a year defined by some normalization of sales in the real estate market and an important tension in rental prices. Despite the clear recovery of activity, at the end of the year we ask many questions about where we are going if 2017 continues like 2016.

When we talk about standardization we say it from three basic pillars of the market: improving the stock of available housing with the implementation of many new projects, normalization of demand based on greater confidence and better access to financing, and fairly high prices that support this entry of new projects in the market. Even so, this market normalization contrasts with a fact that surprised us. It has been a very extraordinary year from the point of view of sales, which have been much more than the previous year and much higher than the rhythms we had foreseen. That is, what has happened in 2016 and concerns us, as it raises many questions:Are these terms of sale sustainable? Will they generate expectations in price increases out of the market? Who will buy the following projects?

If you look at the rental market, it happens a bit the opposite in relation to the stock of housing, there is so little that makes prices have increased significantly. It has been a year of fewer contracts, at significantly higher prices, and where homes are rented in less than a day. And that also generates concern and questions: Where is the limit? How will we generate more stock quickly to relax prices? Will the problem of late payment increase?

In short, we entered 2017 with many questions and here you can have a general view of the real estate market in 2016.

Guifré Homedes

International Manager