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What Feng Shui means and how to use it?

Often Feng Shui technique is associated with wrong characteristics, such as confusing this method with oriental style decoration. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Feng Shui is a millenary system of harmonization of environments based on energy and conscious occupation of the spaces where we live and work from a philosophical point. In fact, its translation is “Wind and Water” referring to the vital flow of energy that all living beings have and it is believed that its origin dates back to about 3500 years ago in China although, at that time, this method was reserved for the Emperors, since it was considered a tool of power. Over the years this technique has been spread and, although in Spain it is still superficially known, in Eastern countries like Hong Kong is taken seriously even in the urban planning of their cities.

But what is its ultimate goal? Improve your lifefeng-shui-3

According to this philosophy, an tidy and light environment brings positive energy and relaxes us, helps us to rest and focus on what is important; Therefore,  our life flows better. While a dark and messy space will eventually stress us.

But Feng Shui, in addition, has different applications that, depending on our needs, will provide us with a profit or another. It is important to put it into practice when the person feels bad in some aspect of their life. This technique would become a powerful tool to help you harmonize your life starting with your home.

On the other hand, it can also be used to modify what the person needs to change or improve in his life, a specific goal, as in love or prosperity.

Can I do it myself?

One important thing to keep in mind is that Feng Shui, after all, is what makes you feel comfortable in your home. That is, you have to know what you need to improve to feel better, more comfortable when you get home. In no case we talking about strange beliefs or religions, but applying common sense. Shapes, colors, textures and lighting influence your mood. If we look at all these points we will know how we have to apply it and where.

feng-shui-Where is it best to apply it?

It should be applied throughout the house to achieve general results, but it must be done at those points with a lower energy that, mainly, are the rooms with less use, such as offices, guest rooms or storerooms, where there is disorder.

It is very important before you start applying the Feng Shui technique in getting rid of everything unnecessary, doing general cleaning for greater order and balance. Essentially it is a philosophy of life very present in Eastern countries where, before introducing something new in our life we ​​must get rid of old things and not accumulate.

If we follow this precept we already have a lot to win once we start applying this method.