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A more active Meeting Point

As each year – and already 20 years now- the Real Estate Barcelona Meeting Point fair was held in October, where our company Amat has been present since the first edition.

Looking back you realize there have been three stages: until 2007, years of growth and rising euphoria; Since then and until last year, years of “crisis”, where the maintenance of the fair was almost a “miracle”; And a new cycle that began last year and has been consolidated this year. In each of these stages there have been “star” exhibitors. In the first phase, the promoters; In the second, banking and its enterprises; And in which we are now, resurgent promoters and consolidate the services, franchises, …

And our analysis about this BMP’16 is that it has been positive. It has grown a little, more light, the biggest stands, many professionals up and down, many people from the environment looking for contacts, maintenance of the presence of historical local promoters, consolidation of large promoters with projection throughout the state, much more new work In marketing, … And, buyers? For more than last year, that does not mean more visitors, but really is the first year that gives us the feeling that demand and supply have been the same and that the possibility of closing some operation is real.

Why is it present a company like ours – Familiar, very long-standing, with a wide portfolio of services, from asset management to marketing, with more vocation of service than volume, and that bets on personalization and detail- ?

Well, because of our willingness to position companies like ours, there are many in the city, at a fair like the Meeting Point that has become the showcase of a sector and we would not want it to become, speaking of trading companies, In the showcase of only the services, franchises and some large marketers, but that these would live with companies like ours. Thus, the BMP would have a more plural and diverse representation of the sector with the contribution of very long-term companies, with a long-term vision and, for this reason, with a strong desire to be great professionals.