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How to make your room look bigger?

The paint color on walls has a lot to with A room’s size perception. Some colors can actually make a room appear bigger and, instead of that, other feel the space smaller. Here we want to help you to chose those which help you to make your room look better, wider and more spacious.


yellow_pantone That color is a lighty one. It reflects light if you choose a creamy versión and it can be a good sustitute to white. Thanks to this qualities, yellow can make a room to look bigger and brighter.










blanco-pantoneWhite is the classical color that you find in any wall. It reflects light so it makes the space to look brighter and wider. It is the best option if you don’t want to risk.









Gray means calm. There are many color schemes and some of them could help expand a room and others, less lighty, can  make a room sad and feeling no cosy at all.






And, of course, we can’t forget trending and new colors in this year!


Riverside: Fresh, calm, strong and stable


riverside-colorSource: Concepts & Color way

Sharkskin: Lighty sensations  and freedom


Source: Sheffield Forniture

Aurora red rojo: Cosy and sensual


Source: Previews Inside out

Warm taupe: Lighty tone, pleasant and versatile. It suggest tranquility.

taupe-roomSource: Pinterest

Dusty cedar : Winter versión of quartz pink. Very feminine and chic.


Source: HGTV

Lush Meadow: Elegant, vibrant and sofisticated. It gives peace and balance.

lush-meadow-colorSource: Pinterest

Potter’s Clay: Very sofisticated red orange. It combines with neutral colors and Wood. It gives confidence and stability.

potters-clay-colorSource: Concepts and colours

Spicy Mustard: It gives vitality. It is perfeco to mix with neutral colors.

yellow-mustard-colorSource: Nabitapp