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Thoughts for summer time

We are already in vacation time, time off, relax, but surely time for reflection, so I propose to think about issues of our sector:

The first one has to do with the communities of owners. A recent study by Owners Mutual – that we thank-  which confirms what we live every day: the disaffection of these owners to the community. Only 50% attend meetings and, when asked why they do not attend, most say it is due to lack of interest. When neighbors are asked about in what subject there are more differences, the answer is: refurbishment.

This lack of interest, in our experience, will increase, and we are concerned for many reasons. The community is, basically from the standpoint of equity, the sum of the values ​​of all entities that set the building and, if everyone in his/her home did the sum, we would see that it is a very high figure. We are concerned that in many communities the meetings are disappearing and that management will remain in the hands of so few people ultimately do not end up making decisions or taking them with less discretion to the detriment of good maintenance of buildings.

Some time ago we started thinking about how to make owners to fall in love again with their community. We ask for ideas!

The second topic for reflection is related to the rental market. There is a gap between the official discourse regarding the need to increase the market for rental properties, that is reality.

The reality is that there is a high demand for rental apartments and very little supply. We believe that this issue is a major social problem but, what happens?

Because at least with our data, the rotation has gone from almost 3 years to 4.5 years. This means extending 50% on the rental market. Barcelona city has many apartments in many neighborhoods as tourist rental accommodation, and this trend has come to not leave. Municipal companies, even today in some populations, promote apartments to sell and not to rent because, from the legislative point of view, no rules encouraging this sector are published.

The message for investors is to buy; They will rent immediately. And the message for the Administration is to reflect on the issue, solutions must be found.

The third topic for reflection has to do with the new development. We are selling very well; We are very happy. The reflection comes two linked themes: the delay of many municipalities on licensing; They are collapsed. The fact that in many places a large number of promotions will start at the same time – I know it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get-; Would not it be better to try matching beat? I would not want us to die of success! I hope not.

Trust is the ability to live uncertainty fluently.
And above all, rest and rest ..

Immaculada Amat

Co-Director of Amat Immobiliaris